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Rare Danish Tractor

This tractor is in good condition but has not been tested. Interested

buyers are asked to form their own opinion about the condition of the
tractor during the inspection.

Inspection and delivery by appointment only. Payment before delivery.

This tractor comes from a collection of 35 vintage tractors in
Denmark from a now deceased collector. All tractors were purchased from
the estate and taken to our warehouse in Skjød and sold from there.

We speak English, German, Danish and Swedish

On the basis of the VOLVO car engine PV-444, ERIK ANDERSERS a 32 HP tractor. It was introduced in 1957. This circumstance brought the model T-15 KRABAT or TERRIER, a new type designation. Now called the VOLVO T-425 Terrier, the tractor was marketed in red livery.

It was produced between 1987 and 1962 in 11193 units. It was originally made with a gearbox with 4 speed forward and one reverse. In 1961 it was produced with a 5 speed forward gearbox.

The tractor had differential locking.

The original engine, a Vovo B14C had 24 PS. From 1957 it had a Volvo B16C enging with 32 PS

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