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Tractor Manufacturer: Porsche

Porsche Master 419

Only 1,175 units of the Porsche Master 419 were manufactured in four versions (A, B, C, D). Version A and C, for size 11-36 rear wheels, and version B and D, for size 13-30 rear wheels. C and D were the overdrive versions. The gear pump was equipped with compressed air lubrication. The crankshaft had 5 bearings and …

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Porsche Master 409

The Porsche Master 409 was equipped as standard with a crankshaft with five bearings, a Porsche centrifugal variable speed governor, a gear pump-controlled pressure lubrication and a radial fan with thermostat control. Overdrive gear was optional. The Porsche Master 409 was equipped with a clutch-independent front engine PTO. It could optionally be supplemented with a belt …

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Porsche P 111

Porsche P 111 K

This popular model was made from 1956 to 1957. Almost 6800 units were produced. Porsche diesel P 111 K received a new design and painted Porsche red, which emphasizes the historic agricultural technology. The Porsche diesel P 111 K was delivered in the frameless block design. The Porsche Diesel P 111 K has an air-cooled 4-stroke …

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Porsche P 144

The A 144 was a joint construction by Allgaier and Porsche (Porsche construction number 538). In 1956 it was taken over unchanged by Porsche-Diesel and produced in Uhingen as the A 144 until about mid-1956. From approx. tractor number 220, production ran as P 144 in Friedrichshafen. By the end of the year, only 9 units …

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Porsche AP 16

The A in the model designation stands for Allgaier, which was a tractor manufacturer that had been involved in the production of Porsche tractors from the very beginning. Although Porsche was responsible for designing the vintage tractors, production was taken over by Allgaier. The Porsche Diesel AP 16 was initially the last vehicle in the Porsche …

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Porsche A 133

The designation P 133 goes back to the Allgaier company, which produced the Porsche A 1333 as the P 133. The unique red color scheme is particularly characteristic of historic Porsche tractors. The Porsche tractors were built in two different versions. This can be seen in particular in the different wheelbases of the Porsche tractor. Depending on the …

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