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This tractor is in good condition but has not been tested. Interested buyers are asked to form their own opinion about the condition of the tractor during the inspection. 


Inspection and collection by appointment only. Payment before delivery.

This tractor comes from a collection of 35 vintage tractors in Denmark, all sold from our warehouse in Skjød near Aarhus, Denmark.


Please contact us for more information.


We speak German, English, Danish and Swedish

Before what became Massey Ferguson in 1953, there was just the Ferguson Company, headed by Harry Ferguson. In 1946, he introduced the TE20, a utility tractor considered to be his most successful design.

The gray Fergusons are known in many parts of the world. The first tractors were made with a liquid-cooled Continental Z-120, 2.0 liter gasoline engine. In 1947 the standard engine replaced the Continental engine – and was then called the TEA-20. The Fergusons were produced in Coventry, England.


Total built: 172,185.


TE-20 casting code numbers are found on the left side of the differential/hydraulic housing, just forward of the round port.