Farmall FU 235. Vintage Tractor

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This tractor is in good condition but has not been tested. Interested buyers are asked to form their own opinion about the condition of the tractor during the inspection.

Inspection and collection by appointment only. Payment before delivery.

This tractor comes from a collection of 35 vintage tractors in Denmark from a now deceased collector. All tractors were purchased from the estate and taken to our warehouse in Skjød and sold from there.

Pls. contact us for more details. We speak English, German, Danish and Swedish.

International Harvester's Farmall brand of tractors were built in Saint Dizier, France between 1951 and 1964. The Farmall brand was phased out in 1964, with subsequent machines bearing the International Harvester brand.

The Farmall F-235 began production at Saint-Dizier in France in 1957, representing an improved FC line with a hydraulic lift, in Farmall row-crop, utility and vineyard versions, designated F-235-D in diesel versions, FV-V 265D for vineyards, and FU-235 for utility tractors.