David Brown Cropmaster


4 cylinder. Petrol. Serial number: AG4 / 3 / 3½ 5608. VAG3 / 1 C / 100P 44314.

Year of construction: 1948.


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This tractor is in good condition but has not been tested. Interested buyers are asked to form their own opinion about the condition of the tractor during the inspection.

Inspection and delivery by appointment only. Payment before delivery.

This tractor comes from a collection of 35 vintage tractors in Denmark from a now deceased collector. All tractors were purchased from the estate and taken to our warehouse in Skjød and sold from there.

Pls. contact us for more details. We speak English, German, Danish and Swedish.

The David Brown Cropmaster, also known as VAK 1C, was produced by David Brown at Meltham, West Yorkshire, England. David Brown Tractors began in 1936 when Harry Ferguson and David Brown entered a partnership to make a small agricultural tractor powered by a Coventry Climax engine at the famous David Brown Park Gear Works in Huddersfield. Very soon David Brown had introduced his own engine and had secretly begun plans to market his own tractor.

The David Brown Cropmaster was launched in April 1947 at David Brown’s tractor factory at Meltham near Huddersfield in the heart of the Pennines.One of the most famous models in the David Brown stable was the VAK1C, or the Cropmaster as it was better known. In total some 59,800 models were manufactured. The Cropmaster was in production until 1953.

The first tractor was numbered P10001 and the National Farmers Union Disaster Fund, set up in the wake of the devastating floods caused by the heavy snowfall earlier in the year, was presented with the first one of the production line.

Although the tractor was not unlike its predecessors – the 1939 launched VAK 1 and the 1945 upgrade the VAK1A – it had a great many improvements and was indeed a brand new tractor. Released at a time of great demand for agricultural machinery the tractor was well received by potential customers and farming press alike.

The Cropmaster Diesels used two 6 volt batteries in series to give 12 volts.

Available either in Petrol or Petrol/TVO engines. In 1949 the Diesel version was added. The VAK1C was replaced by the 30C or D in 1953.